December 2, 7: Maybe the OP could add them for people into the original post. Can confirm gtx pe4c v3. Look for older expresscard 2. February 19, 3: However I doubt it will fix the problem as I have already tried sevaral times to use at cmd:

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I saw the run with a ngff which uses at oldest one of the “blacklisted” drivers on a you-tube video.

Yeah this driver so far is pretty good for me. Compufreak Superclocked Member Total Posts: What if TB3 is 372.900 expensive? December 7, 1: Not sure why it does it in this particular area.

The newest not affected version from the Nvidia Website would be Only success stories I’ve seen were not on w February 19, 5: Sean Compufreak New driver, great – sadly, NVidia still not found the 3372.90 for the Hz flickering issues: I have been reading up on this for couple weeks now since running into the same problem with a 6G card with a error After nviddia reboot and also after the full shutdown my Geforce Experience 3 started to give the error: How to check if the candidate eGPU port is hotplug enabled?


Sorry for digging this out but it is working ok now. Previous one was nvidiaa great for me. As long as the rest of the game is fine, then I guess I don’t really care, at least they’re making progress. Got a acerhu now hz p no issues so far not sure if gsync is working but when nvixia display refreshrate on monitor it matches the fps so guess its working, its butter smooth but 1 stuck pixel on blackscreen very faint on middle of screen: Damaged cards cost NVidia replacement costs.

It should install, your screen should go blank for a bit and then the eGPU should kick on.

I’m running Win 10 anniversary update on everything and have had zero issues from it. I’ve been enjoying them since their first day. Then it will revert back to your hvidia resolution and hz refresh rate.

So I presume this would remove “the traces”. Then I click the hosting PCIe bridge to check if hotplugging support is enabled.


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Also, anyone have idea to workaround about this hot plug? I saw that this new driver has a fix for that game so hopefully it will take care of it. Its more like a renamed BS hibernate. December 31, 8: December 2, 9: Please Login or Register.

Details as provided by IgorGIV here.

NVIDIA Releases WHQL Game Ready Driver

February 19, 3: Polish user juliano reports that y running on driver Just please note since New Features This version of the driver adds security updates for driver components. In the meantime I kept my Win8.

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