How it has happened is still a mystery, four or five days ago, sound disappeared from my videos, etc. Add support for Vista bit WaveRT audio and real time scheduling. Fixed a bug that caused no inputs being available with some USB devices. The driver now automatically checks for Reason being the current host application and silently applies the better workaround in this case. Some minor improvements to the audio engine code. There has been a mixup with the 2.

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Making compativle complain that there is “no sound”. It’s an easy way to salience web pages you stumble on that blast 50 thousand different videos or songs while not being disturbed listening to your own music.

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This only applies to buffered mode i. I think i need to reprofile the soundcard but don’t know how to do this. Will not even temporarily attempt to open a device at Minor change that might improve input quality in certain setups.

Make sure you select Aeio as your driver mode. Potential application compatibilty issue regarding ASIO reset request message.

For info: Asio driver for AC97 sound chips – Avid Pro Audio Community

Fixed a minor memory leak that would have made about 4k of memory going stale whenever the audio engine is being restarted. Buy a new soundcard but only if you are serious about recording xsio course. Improved algorithm to find a workable sample rate for some devices e. Improve input-output synchronization in a certain number of device aggregation scenarios. Direct DMA Buffer mode has been tweaked a little for better performance needs testing As a negative side effect, things may need a longer time to get in sync after you start the application or apply some changes in the control panel.


Added workaround asko situations where a buggy host meets a buggy WDM driver. There are only two compaatible worth mentioning about Directsound or MME failing: Made it work with ISA cards yeah, right!

AC’97 Audio Codecs (Driver Only) – Download

Should sort of fix things for Tracktion, too. Control panel now remembers its screen position.

Add a Message Box whenever it has been found that the audio device is already in use. The possibility to have an unaltered, bit-for-bit output with either of those three methods exists, and in such case, neither ABX, nor compwtible and supppositions play any role.

Realtek ac97 compatibility

Whenever you check the Direct DMA box and the current settings are not very reasonable, buffer size and iodelay settings are adjusted to reasonable defaults. Fix an issue that could have caused problems when changing the sample rate.

Fix regression in 2. Update on the Reason issue: Improve a condition where actual latency would increase over time.


WASAPI has an advantage of grabbing audio from the Windows mixer when recording skipping the digital to analog and analog to digital stuff at a specified common rate and depth. If the overload condition does not go away, there will be even more silence. He surely will be missed! Fix an issue that could potentially have made the driver fail when opened ccompatible second time. In this case, two phantom inputs are created, because some applications seem to require this.

This puts me in the difficult situation of having to clarify that Carlos was at no point in time involved in either the conception or the development of ASIO4ALL. Never mind the asoi base out there.

Update 31 March Are the Windows sounds disabled? Sorry for the inconvenience!

Which means they are different.