If not, please start a new topic. Others believe different things. I had a torn meniscus resected last year on my left knee and it will get sore after a round or range session. Advertise with us Privacy Terms. That will increase the racquet’s total mass by 0. There are several ways that you can alter the swing-weight of a club.

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Swing weight, or moment of inertia, is measured on a club at the industry standard point 14 inches from the grip end of the club.

The fee is not contingent upon finding a match and is a non-refundable service fee. I know club length can add.

Best way to add swingweight to putter

It’s the weight you feel when you pick up the racquet from the handle and are just holding it in your hand at rest. You’ll find more information on cookies at Data Protection. Lead tape to the sole. If you want to increase the racquet’s total mass without changing the balance point, apply the TW customization tape to the inner area of the throat of the racquet.

Add Weight to a Golf Driver. Tennis Warehouse University The automated racquet customization tool is great for exploring possibilities. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. The TW tape can also be layered and is thin enough to be applied under the bumper guard if necessary. By saevel25Wednesday at For this type of customization we recommend consulting a tennis pro shop or an experienced racquet customization professional with access to the necessary tools primarily the right kind of staple gun to accomplish this.


Head-heavy racquets are generally super light and designed to generate power for the player who can’t really create much of their own power. Posted 12 March – But the added clubhead weight also increases the swingweight. Really, can most people feel the difference between a a dime’s weight on the head of their driver? I like to use my swingweight machine to assist with this process, liking my putters to be in the D-9 to E-1 range.

For more information regarding Tennis Warehouse racquet customization fees or racquet matching service details, please contact our Customer Service Department at or email info tennis-warehouse. I am looking at ways to get my iron swing weight to D2-D4.

going to a shorter driver shaft and swing weight – Club Fitting – Team Titleist

Or could a 0. The service fee covers the cost of handling, measuring and sorting racquets. If your putter has a toe hang of say 4 o’clock, and you add weight to the shaft, you might end up at 3: If you entered your email, I will do my best to respond within the day.


We use cookies to make our website and your shopping experience effective, secure and user-friendly. Posted 13 March – Or they can lighten the swingweight.

Now tape a quarter to the other end and the penny will not feel as heavy. I tend to disagree.

Best way to add swingweight to putter – Putters – GolfWRX

It surprises me even more when I have to explain it to a scratch golfer. This dramatic increase to the swingweight provides greater plow through potential. Equally adding weight to the inner hoop at the 10 and 2 o’clock locations not only makes the racquet heavier, but also helps reduce frame-twisting on off-center hits.

To get a sense of what I swigweight, try the following: Don’t get obsessed with the technical stuff.

A 1 point increase in swing-weight points would be the equivalent of going from D1 to D2, while a 1 point decrease in swing-weight points would be the equivalent of going from D2-D1. He has contributed to a variety of national and local publications, specializing adv sports writing.

Nothing can “fool” the scale.