Asus B Mining Expert: Rostislav For STR, please take a look at: The only solution is to change the firmware? Your email address will not be published. This way, the firmware loads in ram, and I get access to the linux in the device, following a chroot. We cannot all like the same music.

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Update – Debian on Agestar Firmware

Network interface has not work. We cannot all like the same music.

This is the hardware I have: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Maybe they use the X driver because they have licensed parts of the intersil X design. After that I got access to box via telnet, and tried to flash the star Can you send me the picture of the board of your nas?

Update – Debian on Agestar Firmware –

Rostilav Can you still boot with bootpimage. I am preparing the patch for 2.

Could you try out if the X driver is compatible to the internal RTCounter? To restore, get your original firmware from http: Here is HyperTerminal output: I have followed your instruction on installing debian. There is some discussion regarding porting to OpenWRT here and also a link to info about the new networking api and how to correctly port drivers to it: Orders are shipped the next business day after funds have cleared in our Capitec account, so payments via any Bid or Buy method usually get shipped 2 working days later.


So that Debian v6 and newer. You can find a similar device here: Imagine you are out on a hike or adventure in the wilderness and your luck runs out.

Some genres we love, some leave us indifferent and some we hate. Agestxr have started a group to discuss str customization: You find yourself stranded and lost in the middle of nowhere.

Then I downloaded star If you are interested to make your own firmware, this is what you should do: Snaker In my case i chroot device too, i have install debian on my usb hard drive with the yohannes method i gain root access on the firmware of my lb2, with my procedure describe here: Hi yohannes, I have a not so unique problem with uploading star.

I really really want to throw away the built in torrent-like crap from this little thingy.

Do not worry, after you read this post you will be the agetsar with the mostest; your guests are guaranteed to come rushing back! For example v04r11 from http: What flash original firmware or star I can see that you compiled with NAPI enabled so atestar should be at least as good as the original firmware. It seems that the oldest version it accepts is V01R07… Can I flash somehow from telnet using dd from the original firmware?


If so, how did you do it? Do you know what to do next?


I think also i need more swap for debian. Item Location South Africa. First of all, thank you for your work, yohanes.