Oscillation pitch and height can be easily set, edited and saved as a machining style for future ease of use. The machining area is indicated by a transparent shaded area around the part that is automatically updated when settings are changed in the dialog. Alphacam R2 also contains a range of general improvements, along with new user interface commands for faster and simpler ways of working. Safe rapid moves between planes are automatically controlled and verified using advanced solid simulation. Sawing has been enhanced by controlling how the foul avoidance is applied. Support for rotary cutting functionality in Mill, Router, and Stone modules.

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Further plhs have been added to the simulation function, which now supports solid tool holders of any type — Solid, STL, extrusions and rotations — for collision detection.

Latest Alphacam release focuses on automation

Retraction from the part when rotary axis limits are reached is now automatic. These strategies can be applied to any work plane, allowing for 3 plus 2 machining to be programmed on machines with 4 and 5-axis rotary heads. The command displays a launch dialog from which the strategy can be selected and miscellaneous settings plue. Misc by Wayne Cunningham Apr 7, A new surface machining pattern has been added to the advanced 5-axis cycle.

Alphacam R2 also contains a range of general improvements, along with new user interface commands for faster and simpler ways of working. Alphacam also offers you the latest front end CAD part modelling facilities via our solid modeller. Many add-ins can now be controlled programmatically through the Alphacam Add-Ins 1. Automation Manager includes enhancements to simplify the workflow, including multi-drill control, new styles functionality, and further support for additional CAD file formats.


When two or more components are present in the model space, the active selected component is now indicated in the Model Window by a red tick.

Alphacam R2 has been tested for compatibility with Windows 8, the next generation of the Windows operating pluss. Sawing Sawing has been enhanced by controlling how the foul avoidance is applied. Alphacam Advanced Targeted at the manufacturer who works with complex, free-form patterns and tools. Now included with all product levels at no additional cost!

Lathe turning cycles benefits from these new style dialogs, for facing, diameter roughing, face roughing, contour roughing and twin turret balance roughing — again, to include new images, tooltips and help links.

Automatic exclusion of flat areas on parts allowing for flat rather than ball ended cutters to be used. Loaded profiles are placed onto a work plane automatically. But Alphacam takes a group, or batch, of files and automates the complete processing of the parts. Several 3D machining operations can now be processed at the same time.

The tool and holder will be displayed, if applicable. Alphacam R2 Alphacam R2 is bit compatible, meaning its programs can utilise all the available memory.

Being able to create user configurable reports and labels improves both part and program traceability. There is also a new tool which is useful for tidying up imported geometry from CAD formats such as DXF and DWG, where the designer may have created several overlaying entities which are used in design, but are not required for manufacturing via CNC.


Alphacam Standard The perfect product for shops and subcontractors. The Input Cad Dialog now plys a new “Assemblies” tab containing options to save and align every Solid Body to individual part files with configurable Save Location and Naming Conventions. Traditional tool paths have to run slower feeds and speeds due to the variable width of cut conditions encountered in corners.

The work plane can be created dynamically with on-screen feedback. Nesting New True Shape nesting alphaca, provides improved optimization and much improved speed. JKL Machinery is linked to a national database for marketing used equipment.

Alphacam | Release History

The incorporation of the Moduleworks technology shows Alphacam’s commitment to the complex Advanced 5 axis market. This puls be very useful in Stone where the saw cuts can be extended to be just outside the sheet in order to prevent plunging of the saw. It helps to make in formation more relevant — users llus see at a glance which part is on a nested sheet. New Kit function allows parts to be grouped together to aid their retrieval after nesting and part identification on the sheet.

Misc by Wayne Cunningham May 2,