As illustrated in the figure below On the ou. Ecm error Correction Mode When the document passes between the document pressure bar and the cover glass, it is scanned. Roll Over Phone Lines Storing Speed Dial Numbers Storing Numbers For Easy Dialing Pc Configuration Requirements

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Remote Control Commands Connect The Handset Recording A Conversation When the document passes between the document pressure bar and the cover glass, it is scanned. Erasing First Level Ogm If the equipment receives data, the control electronics activates the solenoid and rotates the motor counterclockwise to drive brohher paper feed roller and paper ejection roller.

Choosing A Location Printing A Reduced Incoming Document External Appearance and 1.

I II 3 – Scanner 2. Overview Of Basic Steps Playing Broother Messages And Memos Viewing Caller Id List Multi-line Connections pbx Receive Basic Receiving Operations Playing First Level Ogm Structure of the gear train All of the motor and gears are located at the left side of the equipment.


To Erase All Messages Table of contents Fax Fax Transmission Verification Report Prints “result: Initial Setup Getting Started Many people prefer to read the documents not on the screen, but in the printed version. Recording Message Center Outgoing Message Changing Fax Forwarding Number Changing Remote Codes Transmission Verification xmit Report Printing Max Printing Resolution.

Phone Line Or Connections Accessing The Software Installation Window Broter perform appropriate maintenance so that the facsimile equipment is always in best condit. This pulls in a sheet of The control electronics de.

Check The Receiving Status Important Safety Instructions This publication is a Service Manual covering the specifications, construction, theory of operation, and maintenance of the Brother facsimile equipment. Change Answer Mode