But it is not direct replacement Anonymous November 30, at 9: But again, that’s just my opinion, please let me know if you find out otherwise. If you are trying to use HC module as a programmer, it won’t work because it has BC4 chip. Unknown March 16, at 8:

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Email Required, but never shown.

We tried to upload it on bc5mm module with no success. Suggestion for further improvement: Anonymous June 8, at 1: But to be on the safe side, you should take care of speed, which is set via CmdSetSpeed in your code.

CSR USB-SPI programmer

So far so good. Should I be able to develop bluetooth applications on this device without buying another module? Sorry, I replied cdr Dr.

Identifying a bluetooth development device Ask Question. At least markings in firmware header suggest that. I probably write about it for a reason. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. I did a slightly faster unrolled SPI bitbang loop and it failed to work. I have tried to change position 0x68, 0x69 from 0x08 0x00 bc03mm to 0x00 0x02 bc05mm. To be able to use LPT port for programming, you need driver which can be found in BlueSuite’s installation folder.


Unfortunately I don’t own any other “mm” module to try. Frans-Willem implemented clone mostly on my description of protocol, which I reverse engineered see my other post and Cr comment bellow.

Checksum is in two places, first is at 0xd0 and second is at 0xe0. I am using CSR chip. What speed is it? Besides, I don’t see an antenna.

Maybe you could check that crystal speed set in pskeys corresponds to physical crystal speed on your module?

BT111: RF test setup and procedures

However, if you want to make programmer from cheap and easily obtainable parts, you can make compatible programmer using TI Launchpad Stellaris.

Anonymous December 1, at 7: Would the full bluetooth system with DSP be used as a chip in only a connector? Dear jernej good work and can i replace bc3mm to bc4mm module?

I can’t help you with the first problem, because I never tried to do that. Just to clear all misunderstandings: Have the schematic and enclosure along with dimensioned PCB. I don’t have any BC5 module, but I could help you test this if you want. I had some troubles to let windows xp load the driver. Anonymous January 31, at 9: If you want poking around alone, you can contact me and I will provide you with a program for calculating checksums nothing fancy, sample code mostly taken from usbdfu 1.


CSR USB-SPI programmer

I also tried a module with a BC05MM without success. Firmware upgrade is specific to BC3. By conferter “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Both said new device found but where unable to enumerate it.