Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. For these tests I am using the US version of Transformers: The results are below. In the transfer rate tests, it started reading at 5. As you can see, the drive also had some problems reading the disc back. D01 comments, 1 good , 0 mixed , 0 poor.

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Pioneer DVR-R100 (silver)

A little editorial note here. Do not update to FW v 1. When testing optical drives there are many different tests which can be done, once you factor in all the different media types, different tests, different burning methods, and so on. DVD drives are not really at the forefront of technology vdr the expectations for something different are not especially high. Comments posted by chris from United Kingdom, November 24, R04 comments, 0 good1 mixed0 poor. Using CloneCD version 4. The first test conducted as a basic DVD read speed test.

This was tested on a retail copy of a video game which as delivered on DVD. Rather than go completely overboard with the charts I tested the DVR-R conclusively and then showed the highlights.


Pioneer DVR-R100 Manuals

Starting from the left of the IDE connection you’ll see the jumper switch for master, slave and cable select. I have used Imation 4. In our tests, it was able to read DVD-R media at AF1 comments, 0 good0 mixed1 poor. Contrary to popular belief, the connector on the far left is used for diagnostics, not audio.

Pioneer DVR-R (silver) – CNET

AE1 comments, 2 good0 mixed0 poor. This means that the drive’s region is stored in the firmware. The drive Pioneer sent us for this review was manufactured r1100 August of and came preloaded with firmware 1.

Rated this writer 8 of I hope this dvg a something that can be fixed easily, but so far the usual tricks aren’t working. Comments posted by Thracky from Canada, September 16, Just got this drive a week ago, but it has worked fine with all media I have tried.

InfoTool had no problems detecting the DVR-R’s maximum reading and writing speeds, recording modes, buffer underrun protection and 2MB buffer. With the DVR-R in place, it was time for some testing. For this review we used firmware version 1.


Some models, like the Plextor PXSA which we have used has proved to be faster all-round drive than this one. Most of the specs below have been taken from Pioneer’s website and the manual that came with the drive. Overall the transfer speeds were good and within the range we forecasted. Red X – — Could be faster at times — A bit pricey.

– Features – Pioneer DVR-R 16x DVD±RW – Reviews

Looking at the DVR-R we can see that it is not anything too different from a normal optical drive. D01 comments, 1 good0 mixed0 poor.

Use it at your own risk. Comments r100 by Whitey from Australia, August 06, AE1 comments, 1 good0 mixed0 poor. In our tests it started reading at 3.

This is the way the industry is going. Anybody else run into issues like this?