Rotate 90 Degrees If the original can be rotated and sent without reducing the original image, set whether to automatically rotate the document. Page Send Options Furthermore, notify the recipient of the following information for using the F Code method to receive e-mail from the mailbox. Page 18 Glossary Glossary Term Description x mm paper. A pool server is an external server that treats and stores job flows. If paper is torn while it is being removed from the machine, remove all the torn pieces making sure that none remain inside the machine.

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Letters, numerals, and symbols of up to 24 characters can be used.

ApeosPort 450i Drivers & Downloads

Register the address numbers for speed dialing beforehand. For more details, refer to “CentreWare Internet Services” Hold the tabs on the booklet staple cartridge to return the cartridge to the original position, and gently push the cartridge until you hear it click into place.

However, nothing will be printed if user authorization has not taken place. The following describes how to load paper into the Tray 5 bypass. Step 1 Opening the [Check Mailbox] Screen Univers Medium Italic A command language for controlling printers developed by Hewlett Packard. No printing at the primary relay station Primary Relay Station ID The address number for the initiating station registered at the apsosport relay station.

Left Page Only Scans the left page only in page order. Gently remove the paper.


Apple FujiXerox Printer Drivers for Mac OS X Driver – TechSpot

Public Mailbox Store documents to be sent, in response to instructions received from remote machines, in aeosport public mailbox of the machine. Only supported by the PCL driver and the. Setup Menu Send as Apeospotr Specify the recipients for the e-mail. Scan Options Top Page then Bottom Copies are made from the top page of facing pages in a document starting from the top page. Load the document the front side of 2-sided document face up in the center of the document feeder.

Page Overview of Auditron Administration Scan Service The items you can manage for scan jobs using the Auditron Administration feature are as follows. This feature is useful if you need to make separate scans for facing pages of bound originals such as a booklet. Select [Print Waiting Jobs].

Action The Finisher is needed to staple documents. You can print multiple documents as one document. Item Description Entering letters and numerals Select [Alphanumeric]. Page 16 Problem Solving Remove the jammed paper.

Fx Apeosport I Ps B Driver Download

Basic Copying Auto Copy All The height and width ratios are set automatically to match the paper size and the document is copied at a slightly reduced size to prevent apeosportt loss at the edge of the original. Automatically scans multiple-sheet documents.

Page 15 Maintenance The staple cartridge rises up and becomes removable. Select the destination in which the data is stored.


Printer and scanner software for OS X Mountain Lion

Page Changing the Paper Size for the Trays Pull the lever of the end guide up and move it along the slot 1. Loading Paper in the Tray 6 High Capacity Following describes the procedure for loading paper in the optional Tray 6 high capacity. Setup To use the E-mail Printing feature, the following setup is necessary.

For information on port settings, refer to the Network Administrator Guide. Stick the supplied pin into the old stamp cartridge, and pull it straight out of the machine. Receiving Faxes Using Manual Receive If the fax reception mode is set to the Manual Receive when the machine rings to notify of an incoming call, pick up an external telephone or select [On-hook] on the screen that appears.

Refer to the Network Administrator Guide for details. Delete Deletes the document stored by charge print.

Page 4 Fax Where Contents Secondary Assign the primary relay station to the same address number as that of the relay initiating station registered at the primary relay station, and set Relay Station station Setup of the address number to [On].