Do you need to build a spaceship? The drives in an audio system are active at exactly the same time as your interfaces, taking the bandwidth you will need for audio, so it makes sense to put drives and audio interfaces on two separate buses. Those control the internal routing. I doubt whether it uses alsa my firepod uses freebob firewire. I work as a server analyst for a big IT company and we would try to support all our products even with legacy equipment thats gone end of life.

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You can interpret it how ever linyx wan’t, but at the end of the day Avid has specifically said what End of Support dates are for, and they aren’t for driver updates.

As some who shouldn’t be typing sudo commands into the terminal, it actually worked! Anyway, I searched again on my computer and found some more files related to the USB fastTrack pro card: I doubt whether it uses alsa my firepod uses freebob firewire.

They have no idea what they are doing,going to buy a Saffire Pro 40 from http: OS X El Capitan After wake up no sound, restarting the interface often crashed the Mac. Trying to downgrade back to Yosemite isn’t something i fancy attempting just yet. Some had success with the Pro. January 9th, 9.


M-Audio Fast Track Ultra on El Capitan [Archive] – Avid Pro Audio Community

Maudio seems broken now with the El Capitan kernel. There’s clearly something wrong about a company you have to pay in order to get internet support!!! Here’s their support info: So I’m new to the community and i have to say, I’m very disappointed rast how long its taking to get these new drivers for my Fast Track 8R to run on El Capitan. I don’t use my OS X version to browse that much unless its to check email or come on certain user forums so I don’t need any security and lock down of my OS.

Anyway, the thing is not our systems and our budgets or our oppinions about Apple’s upgrades upgrades that I also find somehow fast and commercial. Joel This is an interpretation of “support”.

Did you know that your browser is out of date?

Why should I not be able to upgrade my hole system and apps I use every day, so that Avid follows it’s timeline? The manual tells of a default configuration that can be altered using their software, which I wont run since I wont use non-free software. With them you can control which inputs are routed directly to outputs.

lijux Avid’s communication was “Don’t upgrade to El Capitan at this time”. Here is the end of support page: Hopefully this is a simple adjustment to the driver install package and will be released soon.


I’m staying with Yosemite or I might go back to Mavericks.


A new beta of OS X An upgrade after 7 weeks of a quasi forced OS upgrade is not that much to ask for. Audio is important, too, especially as I am listening to music on my studio monitors. There are many ways to run certain commands in login. My English level does not let me understand “cop out”, so no offense taken, but anyway, Wall2Wall, we had that disagreement before; no reason to continue.

Fast Track Duo – driver for linux – Avid Pro Audio Community

That way my card gets recognized after every boot unlike with device numbers hw: As I posted before, I also listen to music on my monitors, I can not listen to music on crappy speakers. You don’t “release” a class compliant driver.

July 2nd, 1. I do know that Avid are working on this and all we can do is wait for the drivers. Difficult issues should somehow get solved according to a schedule.